Hesitant about therapy? Don't be. We all go through rough patches in life and sometimes we're left feeling stuck. Helplessness, anxiety, anger, stress and depression may follow. Having someone listen to what you're struggling with can help you clarify your goals and break old habits. It can take support to make healthier choices, face the past, and handle stressful situations more effectively. Working with a counselor can help anchor you, so you can make the changes you want in your life.

My top priority is to provide a supportive place where clients can achieve their therapy goals. My approach involves getting a clear sense of a client's main goals, and then matching therapeutic techniques to best fit these goals.

Are you...

  • feeling knocked down by life and insecure?
  • sick and tired of anxiety and depression stealing your joy?
  • longing to feel closer to the people you love?
  • are abuse or trauma memories keeping you fearful and afraid?
  • stuck in the same old ruts?

Relief is waiting for you!

You can reach me today by calling (617) 731-0932 or emailing MarjorieSiegel@rcn.com for more information.

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Helping you find answers, confidentially.

call (617) 731-0932 or email MarjorieSiegel@rcn.com to make an appointment